Himalayan Walnut – Wooden Plank Floor Tiles

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200x1200mm Wooden Floor Tiles

No of pcs : 4

Cov : 0.96 /sqm

Load : 1306 sqm in 01x20ft container.

Surface : Matt, Rustic, Sugar, Punch Effect.

W/A – 3 To 5% & 0.5%

PLANK SIZE: 8”x48” Wood Look Tiles by FACE IMPEX

To keep your wood plank porcelain floor looking natural and like real wood, try to use different size tiles. When wood-looks were first made, they were 8” x 40” & 8” x 48” Now that the manufacturing capabilities have advanced, planks can be made in porcelain body.  Varying the sizes of your tiles while laying down your floor or installing your new wall tiles & floor tiles can creating a natural look.

GROUT: 3 To 5mm

When choosing your grout, find the darkest part of your tile and choose a grout that is one shade darker than that. This will trick the eye into thinking your grout lines are shadows around the wood planks.

For houses near bodies of water, with high traffic areas, and large family homes, wood plank porcelain tile is a great substitute for a wood floor or wall. Because of porcelain’s high breakage point and scratch resistance, it allows you to live worry-free knowing you won’t have expensive maintenance costs over time. And, as a bonus, larger tiles, like wood plank tiles, often make a room appear larger.