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Available Sizes For Export (Digital Printed Ceramic Wall Tiles)
No.SizeThickness of Tiles (mm.)Pcs. Per BoxCoverage Area Per Box (SQM)Loadability With Pallets (Boxes / 1x20FT)Loadability With Pallets (SQM / 1x20FT)
01200 x 300 mm6160.9628802764.8
02245 x 375 mm780.7430002220
03250 x 400 mm7.2101.0022402240
Available Sizes For Domestic (Digital Printed Ceramic Wall Tiles)
DimensionThicknessPCS. Per BOXCoverage AREA Per BOXWeight Per Box (Approx)
375×245 mm7 mm8 Pcs.0.735 Sq. mtr.9 Kgs.
300×200 mm6 mm12 Pcs.0.72 Sq. mtr.7.50 Kgs.
300×300 mm9.5 mm10 Pcs.0.90 Sq. mtr.18.00 Kgs.